Former Winter Carnival Vulcan suspected in hit-and-run

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St. Paul police say one of the 2006 Vulcan Krewe was involved in a hit-and-run over the weekend.
It just wouldn't be a real Winter Carnival unless the Vulcans were in trouble.

A customer standing on the patio of a bar in St. Paul told cops he saw the driver of a vintage Ford fire truck back into a car, then drive away, ignoring attempts to stop him.

According to the report, the driver was a 2006 Vulcan Krewe member named Dallas Apfelbacher, a.k.a. the former Count Embrious. That's the romantic one!

Every year, the Vulcans run amok in St. Paul in their fictional feud with the ruler of wintertime, King Boreas Rex. This often results in a good deal of drinking and cavorting, which has gotten past Vulcans into a whole lot of very real trouble.

Since their inception, the Vulcans have been hard partiers who sometimes took it too far.
MPR's Bob Collins says his first memory of St. Paul was watching drunk Vulcans clip a Volvo downtown. Things got very bad in 2005 when three female bartenders sued the Vulcans for sexual assault.

The storied legacy continued on Saturday. Behind the Eagle Street Grille in St. Paul, a patron watched as a vintage fire truck backed out of an alley, crunching into a parked car and damaging the bumper. The man yelled to the driver and to a group of guys seated in the truck bed to stop, but they kept right on chugging along.

The owner of Eagle Street Grille told cops he walked outside just as the truck was backing into a retaining wall. When he demanded insurance information, he says the driver ignored him and drove off.

Police didn't have to look very hard for the truck. It was parked about three minutes away behind Alary's Bar (the same bar involved in the 2005 lawsuits). However, the driver and his friends were no where to be found.

It wasn't until Monday morning that cops finally spoke to the registered owner of the truck, Apfelbacher. The former Count Embrious told them that he was driving Saturday night, but had no idea he'd hit a car. Or a wall. Or that someone had been yelling at him to stop. The case is now in the hands of the St. Paul attorney.

Another former Vulcan who did not want to be named said the current Vulcan Krewe had nothing to do with the incident, nor did the Vulcans' iconic Luverne fire truck. He says she was actually in the shop at the time.

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