Ieshuh Griffin, "Not the whiteman's bitch," fights election rules

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Griffin is fighting election rules again.
Ieshuh Griffin is at it again: Fighting a battle against election rules and what she calls a "a very corrupt government" in Milwaukee.

She gained national notoriety last year for her controversial campaign slogan, "Not the whiteman's bitch."

Now Griffin says that county elections officials aren't accurate when they say she may not hold two county government seats at one time.

She's seeking two county seats--a spot on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, as well as a the slot as county executive, a position that is akin to the county's mayor.

Elections officials told us three times that while Griffin may run for both positions, she may not hold them both simultaneously. Griffin insists that's just not true.

We contacted Griffin, who wrote us this in an e-mail:

" all actuality by law I can very well hold both seats if I were to be elected. Milwaukee has a very corrupt government in place, and the will of the people may not be the intent of the voting machine, if they are in fact manipulated."

We triple-checked with the Milwaukee County Elections Commission, and Administrator Lisa Catlin Weiner confirmed that Griffin may not hold both seats.

Griffin, however, asked the same question and interpreted the answer differently.

"I asked for the legislation piece stating that, she said she was not sure, she was told that," Griffin wrote us in another e-mail. "I told her I would like the specific legislative citing of that, and she said she try to give it to me, until I see a law stating the will of the people can be superseded , in my opinion it is unsubstantiated hearsay. Thank you very much."

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She is not too bright!

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