Informant "Karen Sullivan" ruined lives: Comment of the day

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Government informant "Karen Sullivan."
Our story about secret government informant "Karen Sullivan," who infiltrated Minnesota protest groups before the RNC, attracted a lot of attention and comments.

She fed the groups fiction about being a lesbian with a teenage daughter, and working in Northern Ireland, said Jess Sundin, a member of the Anti-War Committee.

And she ruined a lot of real lives in the process, said commenter Bret Thiele:

To infiltrate a "left" group you have to prey upon their compassion. To infiltrate a "right wing" group you'd likely have to talk about how you share hatred for certain groups. I'm not surprised, but this "Karen Sullivan" should reflect on that and on all the hurt she's caused people that simply opposed unlawful war and brutality.

News about the informant came after a report last fall lambasting the FBI for using anti-terrorist laws to spy on domestic political activists.

Read our regional post here, and tell us your opinion of "Karen Sullivan" the secret informant.

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my left tit
my left tit

Karen Sullivan is a cunt to the nth degree. And yes, I know that for a fact.


That's your comment of the day? Seriously?

You know without doubt then that this group has done nothing wrong although the only people who have commented publicly about it are the subjects of the investigation.

Why don't you wait to see the government case before deciding whether this agent has "ruined peoples lives" or whether she has protected lives by stopping people from supporting terrorist organizations.

If it IS the latter, shame on CP for showing this undercover agents face and perhaps putting her life at danger, Assholes. (Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you should.)

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