Oregon Trail: The Documentary [VIDEO]

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This week's cover explains the Minnesota origins of Oregon Trail.
This week's cover story tells the true history of the most successful educational computer game of all time--Oregon Trail.

And it all happened right here in the Twin Cities.

All three creators still live in the Midwest. So we asked them to think back to 1971, when they dreamed up the game that introduced an entire generation to the computer.

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The creators of Oregon Trail at the Mall of America in 1995.
After you finish reading the feature, you'll want to watch this exclusive mini-documentary we made about the making of the Oregon Trail. You can also follow along with this handy infographic that charts the milestones in the game's 40-year history.

The game went on to be a far greater success than any of its three inventors could possibly have guessed.


Check out an entire visual history of the game here:

Oregon Trail: A Visual History [Click to read]

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Our son was an early adopter of Oregon Trail, first at his school, Tanglen Elementary in the Hopkins School District, and then at home when we got our first computer. It spurred a real interest in American history, so much that we ended up taking a family trip along the real Oregon Trail in Nebraska and visiting the Trailhead Museum in Independence, Missouri. I cannot think of any other simulation game that had as much impact on our children.

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