Jeffrey Anderson accuses bankrupt Wis. archdiocese of concealing abusers' names

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Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki: Stonewalling?
​Jeffrey Anderson, the St. Paul attorney tracking down Catholic priest sex abusers, says the Milwaukee Archdiocese's recent declaration of bankruptcy is an attempt to avoid being forced to reveal the abusers' names.

"My office represents all 23 of the cases against the Milwaukee Diocese and in the mediation the number one priority was getting the Archdiocese to open their files," he said after the archdiocese filed for Chapter 11 protection.

"Incredibly, the Archbishop's announcement left out the most important reason they filed for bankruptcy: To delay the legal process so they don't have to reveal the names of the "priest-predators" and the Church officials who covered up the "priest-predators'" crimes."

One priest in the archdiocese, Rev. Lawrence Murphy, sexually abused about 200 boys at a suburban school for deaf students for 24 years, starting in 1950. The New York Times revealed in March that the future Pope Benedict XVI did not defrock Murphy, despite warnings from several American bishops.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court turned back a challenge by the Catholic Church claiming that it was immune from U.S. lawsuits. That decision cleared the way for Anderson to sue the Vatican on behalf of sex abuse victims.

Archbishop Jerome Listecki stated the day of the filing that the archdiocese made the move to make sure priest abuse victims could be fairly compensated. But he alluded to the mediation:

"This action is occurring because priest-perpetrators sexually abused minors, going against everything the church and the priesthood represents," Listecki said. "Financial claims pending against the archdiocese's means, recent failure to reach a mediated resolution with victims/survivors involved in lawsuits against the archdiocese, along with the November court decision that insurance companies are not bound to contribute to any financial settlement, made it clear that reorganization is the best way to fairly and equitably fulfill obligations."

Anderson says depositions with key archdiocese officials were scheduled to begin soon. The bankruptcy filing delays that action. But not forever.

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Quoted by Listecki: "3. What caused this terrible situation? We are in Chapter 11 for one reason: because priest-perpetrators abused minors."

WRONG.. What caused this terrible situation is that bishops and church officials committed fraud, by moving predator priests all over the country ( instead of turning them over to law enforcement),,, therefore enabling more children to be sexually abused, and then purposely covering up these crimes against kids.!!

I always thought that in order to file for bankruptcy, you had to be deeply in debt and unable to pay your bills. In other words you had to ALREADY be broke. The Milwaukee Archdiocese is not already broke.

Does anybody understand that if these victims are money grabbers, they would have taken Listecki's settlement offer and ran? But instead they refused the money so the truth can be fully exposed in a court of law, and so that no other child will get sexually abused by a holy priest who has for decades been above the law!

The 'real' reasons for filing bankruptcy are so that Listecki and other former and current church officials of the Milwaukee Archdiocese:

--can keep the dirty secrets fully in tact.--avoid diocese documents being subpoenaed.--avoid being subpoenaed to sit on that witness stand and dare to tell the truth, because there is a good chance someone could go to jail for perjury.

Listecki, how on earth are you able to purposely drive another nail into victims who have already been treated so badly?

All that survivors of clergy abuse wish for is for the truth to be exposed so they will be believed. They have been told enough times, "to keep quiet, get over it, don't tell, no one will believe you anyway because a priest would never do such an awful thing to a child"

...and now Archbishop Listecki, you have callously and selfishly delayed them from having their day in court !!

How sad for past and future children..!!!

Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director,"Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests"


They can run but they can not hide. We will get the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help us God ! Bob SchwiderskiMN SNAP Director

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