Mark Dayton accepts $120,303 salary after all

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Dayton's spokeswoman couldn't say if he'll continue to accept the salary for his entire term.
Up until today, Mark Dayton hasn't been able to decide if he would accept the $120,303 governor's salary.

After all, Dayton is an heir to a department store fortune and had millions of his own money to spend on his gubernatorial campaign. So what's another $120 grand if not just a drop in the bucket?

But today the governor announced he indeed will accept the money, says Dayton spokeswoman Kathryn Tinucci.

"He decided, for right now, he's gonna take it," says Tinucci.

She couldn't comment on why or if Dayton will be paid for the entire term. "I really can't say. I mean, this is his personal decision."

As a U.S. Senator, Dayton did not accept his salary. Instead, he used it to bus senior citizens to Canada for cheaper prescription drugs.

As a young Senator, Dayton (left) donated his salary to seniors in need. His spokeswoman couldn't say why he's taking it this time.
So did our new governor burn through too much cash on the campaign trail?

After opting out of the party-endorsement track, Dayton spent about $3.3 million of his own fortune on his gubernatorial campaign.

Last summer, Dayton released his tax records to the public, which showed he made $166,889 from family trusts in 2009.

Providing he makes about the same this year, Dayton will be pulling in just under $290,000 with his new salary.

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A correction: In the photo from Wikipedia Dayton was not a young Senator. It is from his 1982 Senate campaign against Dave Durenberger which he lost. Dayton did not become a Senator until 2001.

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