Michele Bachmann lives in the real world: Video of the day

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The president hates America. We live in a socialist state. Shutting down the government isn't shutting down the government.

That's reality for Rep. Michele Bachmann. Everything else is just fantasy, she told Harry Smith on "Face the Nation" yesterday.

Which is pretty much what the Democrats on the show, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, thought of Bachmann's world view too. So Smith spent most of the show moderating a good old fashioned shout fest. Sample:


"I would say if they want to engage in deficit reduction, that's exactly what we want to engage in, is deficit reduction," Bachmann said. "But it's so interesting, Harry, for two years these were big wild party spenders. Now they're interested in deficit reduction."


"Let's remember the deficit was exploded by Republicans. President Bush inherited a record surplus and turned it into a record deficit. Two wars unpaid for, a prescription drug plan unpaid for, tax cuts unpaid for. So the deficit that we found ourselves in was thanks to the Republicans," she said.

"If the last fifteen minutes were any indication," Smith deadpanned at the end of the verbal altercation, "it will be a very Happy New Year."


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Face it folks, you in congress must all do things in the next year that will get you all fired but you've got to do it to save the country. Stop the wars and reduce military spending, raise taxes significantly and equitably, cut spending including subsidies drastically. That means your wages and whatever perks you get too. You also have to balance the pain to those in need. You've got to take one for the team. We're not GM, we don't have anyone to bail us out.

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