Michele Bachmann helpfully shows unemployment falling [PHOTO OF THE DAY]

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Unemployment is dropping. Here's proof.
Michele Bachmann used a lot of scary rhetoric about the economy to harangue President Barack Obama last night, blaming him for the tanked economy left behind by his predecessor.

So it's a little odd that she would go through the trouble to point out that, under Obama's watch, unemployment is indeed going down.

"Let me show you a chart," she said. "Just eight months after President Obama promised lower unemployment, that rate spiked to a staggering 10.1 percent. Today, unemployment it's at 9.4 percent with about 400,000 new claims every week."

Yes, George W. Bush left the economy heading for the worst shape since the Great Depression. Millions of people lost their jobs. And now things are turning around.

This is bad?

bachmann sotu2.jpg
Unemployment is heading down. Michele Bachmann proved it.


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