Michele Bachmann vs. Paul Ryan: The videos

bachmann sotu3.jpg
Michele Bachmann stealing the spotlight.
Wonky Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan offered his party's official response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech last night.

It was filled with big numbers, dire predictions about economic doom and gloom unless we buckle down, eat our oatmeal, darn the holes in our socks, and let big health insurance companies prey on us freely.

Then it was Michele Bachmann's turn and things really got scary. Her preferred metaphor for battle: Iwo Jima. But she insisted she wasn't trying to compete with Ryan for attention.

Here are the clips from their speeches. You be the judge. (Transcripts here.)




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I can't figure out what Hart Van Denburg is talking about. "Then it was Michele Bachmann's turn and things really got scary." What was scary? Michelle did a fine job. Maybe we should send Hart into combat and then maybe he will see something really scary. Thomas E. Woods just wrote a book called Rollback. In it he helps us see what a good thing the rolling back of government will be. I recommend it.


Michele kept reading from the wrong teleprompter, giving the appearance that she was avoiding eye-contact with the audience. Something symbolic in that.

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