Minneapolis is the gayest city in America according to The Advocate

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Mayhem Rugby caught The Advocate's eye.
We clicked through The Advocate's new slide show, one loser city at a time, until Minneapolis popped up as the Gayest City in America.

Gayer than Cleveland and St. Louis? Sure. But gayer than San Francisco? And New York? Heck, New York didn't even make the list.

Advocate writer Mike Albo admits this is all in good fun, and not the kind of work that stands up to scientific inquiry. But, hey, we all love lists, so why not?

This list demonstrates that the homosexual agenda is spreading across the 50 states -- from Washington, D.C., to Vancouver, Wash. -- and especially, it seems, in the heartland. Like it or not, America, LGBT is more a part of the USA than ever before.

Here's the Top 15:

1. Minneapolis

Over the past decade, Minneapolis has become the gay magnet city of the Midwest. It makes sense: People here are no-nonsense, practical, and don't deal well with hypocrites. This is where the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America took a historic leap forward and voted to accept gay and lesbian pastors, including the Reverend Mary Albing, the denomination's first openly lesbian pastor. And Minnesota senator Al Franken introduced the Student Non-Discrimination Act to protect LGBT youth from school bullies. But that's not all. Minneapolis also has the very hot Mayhem rugby team (MayhemRFC.com) and a thriving bear community with events like Bob's Bear Bash, every Wednesday night at the Saloon (SaloonMN.com).

2. Santa Fe
3. Las Vegas
4. Orlando
5. Pittsburgh
6. Vancouver
7. Atlanta
8. Washington, D.C.
9. Seattle
10. St. Louis
11. San Francisco
12. Cleveland
13. Denver
14. Oakland
15. Miami

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Progressive thinker
Progressive thinker

If Minneapolis is such a great community for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans people to live, how come we don't have more visibility. Sure we have the parade and the festival every year, but from my perspective we lack cohesion as a community. We all seem very separated. And this is moreover on a large scale too. You have those who are bear who hate twinks, those who think being bi is a transitional phase, those who don't bother to include trans people into the fold. I see a lot of drama and in fighting within the community.

We are perceived by the larger mainstream community as the stereotypical gay person. This means being white, male, no body hair, blonde hair and blue eyes. This person also wears expensive calvin and klein underwear and obsesses over the amounts of anonymous gay sex that they are having.

Now I know this is not who we are! We are cops, lawyers, doctors, lovers, spouses, men, women, sons, daughters, christian, muslim, buddhist and so on. Our community is unique in that we mirror the larger mainstream community. Sexuality crosses all borders, ethnicity, race, socio economic status, nationality, age, gender and so on. So naturally we are 10% of the mainstream population, if you use Kinsey's research.

We need to come together as a community more often. I see only a few groups doing all the work that we all should be working for and I am proud of these groups. The civil rights act was not passed with just a few groups doing the work. Everyone got involved and did what they could to make their future better and that of their sons and daughters. We need a place to gather more frequently that is not a bar or a church. We need a community center. Communities like Sarasota, FL, Des moines, IA, Austin, TX all have one and we should too. We need to work together to show that we are a community and we will no longer be suppressed. A community center can have many benefits to a society, it can be a place of expression, of refuge, of help, and of learning.


Lies! Just another way to bring light to a dark subject. Pray to God for forgiveness and turn from your sins!

Twin Citian
Twin Citian

It would be nicer if it had said Minneapolis/Saint Paul!


I'm surprised LA didn't even made the list! WOW!


This article was not researched when looking into which cities should make the list. I am originally from San Francisco and have been living in Minneapolis for two years. The community is very small and in order to be socially accepted, you must be part of the very judgmental social cliques. The area has less than 10 bars, a couple coffee shops and very few restaurants, all of which are not supported by the community at large. The music scene is stagnant, making it impossible to find a quality dance floor. For a brief moment, I found one small place with great sound. The people had the same attitude as every other place but the music reminded me of home. I knew right away the DJ did not belong there. He was meant for a place like "The End Up" and it soon became my favorite spot. Unfortunately, it closed down due to lack of support. I have since become a homebody and am relentlessly working my way back to the Bay. There is no place like the Castro!

Ian McCormick
Ian McCormick

Just because a community center exists does not mean people will go. The SF Center is just about ready to close down as it is unpopular with a large part of the local population who are disinterested in utilizing it in favor of the numerous local bars. Affirmations in Ferndale MI caters only to either very young or disenfranchised gays. Older or more 'metro' type of gays don't go to Affirmations.

Go around the country and you will see that the gay community is often fractured into multiple niches and sub-groups, a cohesive gay community is pretty much a falacy.

Ian McCormick
Ian McCormick

Funny I lived in SF for 4 yrs and found the locals to be VERY judgmental and only interested in maintaining niched sub-groups. Not to mention the gay men there were so nauseatingly sex obsessed over being more community or family minded/oriented. I can't wait to move to Minneapolis in a few more years as I hear it is less image and youth obsessed than SF and more family oriented as a community. Minneapolis sounds more like a 21st century gay community to me than either SF or NYC these days anymore.


"Advocate writer Mike Albo admits this is all in good fun, and not the kind of work that stands up to scientific inquiry." <--- Not surprised you missed that... you seem a bit oblivious to things. All the Minneapolis gay scene has to offer is 10 gay bars? Me thinks you are a little narrow minded.

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