Minneapolis will fight $1.8M settlement in Dominic Felder shooting

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Dominic Felder was killed in 2006.
The city of Minneapolis says it's going to fight a "grossly excessive" $1.8 million award to the family of Dominic Felder, who was shot dead by police after a struggle in 2006.

His death outraged his family, and prompted the Police Community Relations Council to stall Tim Dolan's confirmation as Minneapolis Police Chief.

It also resulted in the MPD mandating a 48-hour report filing deadline from the time a shooting takes place.

Police officers testified that they responded to a 911 call about threats against Felder's ex-girlfriend and child in 2006. Officers Jason King and Lawrence Loonsfoot struggled with Felder as they tried to arrest him, and he was shot seven times.

Felder's family claimed that he was having a mental breakdown, the officers shot an unarmed man, and police were trying to cover up the events to protect their own.

The Strib reports that lawyers for both sides are due in court today.

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