Minnesota Family Council spending $4.7M to ban gay marriage

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Ignite! Apparently banning gay marriage is sort of like starting a fire.
The Minnesota Family Council is trying to raise $4.7 million for its effort to pass an amendment to the state's constitution banning gay marriage.

In a brochure emblazoned with fiery images [see it here], the conservative group announced its two-year "Ignite" campaign to "achieve enduring cultural transformation."

Through educational campaigns for pastors and their flocks, advocacy, and a get-out-the-vote effort, the group intends to "restore a biblical worldview" here in pagan Minnesota. The recently mailed brochure includes a letter asking supporters to help through offerings of prayer and money.

"God has blessed MFC with the unique opportunity to be a catalyst for enduring cultural transformation rooted in spiritual renewal, for the glory of Christ and the good of our state," the brochure states.

We called MFC and haven't heard back from them yet. But the brochure makes clear that the organization has been energized by the Republican sweep in the November election and is hoping to push through legislation with the state's Republican majority.

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Ignite brochure
The Minnesota Family Council says God has chosen them to fight gay rights
"'Ignite' is a two-year plan designed to fan the embers of November 2010 into a lasting movement built to achieve enduring cultural transformation--starting with passage of a constitutional amendment to preserve marriage as God designed it, the foundation of strong families and a strong society," the brochure states.

The organization plans to spend $1.71 million on education, $1.04 million on advocacy, and $2.5 million on voter guides and voter mobilization. That's a hefty goal for a nonprofit that received just $167,131 in contributions in 2009, the last year that tax documents are publicly available [tax filings here].

Minnesota Family Council
The nonprofit can't lobby, so its pushing supporters to do so
As a 501(c) organization, Minnesota Family Council risks losing its nonprofit status if it gets involved in lobbying. Perhaps that's why the part of the brochure describing its legislative program is so carefully worded:

"MFC's legislative programs will not only ensure there's a voice for timeless values at the Capitol but also engage the faith community across Minnesota to advocate on behalf of those values."

Aha. So this will be another campaign of the people. And it looks like they have a heavyweight in their corner:

"You see, God has uniquely positioned Minnesota Family Council," the brochure states.

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