Minnesota Planetarium Society's zodiac claim shot down

Your sign is safe.
Your zodiac sign may be safe after all, no thanks to the Minnesota Planetarium Society.

Its members had horoscope fans frothing over a claim that everything we knew about the zodiac was off by a month. Powerful, obsessive Scorpios were seemingly and suddenly reduced to indecisive, gullible Libras.

The society's Parke Kunkle told the Strib that the zodiac was based on the Earth's position in the constellation, as fixed by ancient Babylonians. Over the centuries, that position has changed, rendering the zodiac outdated -- and in need of an additional sign, Ophiuchus.

But astrologists say that, at least in Western society, there's no need to adjust your tattoos and your pick-up lines. Nothing's changed. And don't panic about having to figure out what being a Ophiuchus is all about. The society was referring to the sidereal zodiac used by the ancient Babylonians -- and many non-Westerners.

Western astrology, on the other hand, is based on what's known as the tropical zodiac; has been since the second century when it was adopted by Ptolemy. The tropical zodiac isn't tied to the constellations. It moves with the seasons. It's flexible.

Did you wake up a Scorpio yesterday and check your horoscope in the local newspaper? Breathe easy. You're not a Libra today.

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So if it's tied to the seasons which are purely an affect of the relationship between the Earth and the Sun, then how are they star signs? And why would they be linked to constellations at all?

It's just a big pile or Taurus...


If its tied to the seasons why don't southern hemisphere residents have different horoscopes since their seasons are out by 6 months compared to northern hemisphere residents. No astrologer has ever been able to answer this for me.


If astrology is something that should denote particular characteristics about everyone but is being practiced in at least two different manners around the world, doesn't that indicate that at least one form of astrology (and almost definitely the practice in general) is a big, intellectual cowchip? At least this redistricting of signs probably made some believers resign their careless belief that time of year accurately correlates to personality traits.

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Straight from the respected astrologist's mouth!

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