No accountability for Bob Fletcher: Comment of the day

Bob Fletcher tells everyone to mind their own business.
Former Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher defended himself yesterday against accusations that he fabricated terrorism reports by saying, "We don't have an obligation to define which individual or groups we're spending most of our investigative time on."

And he lashed out at the man who aired the dirty laundry, Ramsey County Sheriff public information officer Randy Gustafson, calling him "clueless."

"And herein lies the crux of the problem and in my opinion is a problem with modern policing in general, no accountability," commenter justacoolcat said in response.

"Shockingly," he adds, "the police always need larger budgets, faster cars, more exotic training locations, and increased powers."

Fletcher told us his officers attended over 100 meetings in their anti-terrorism work and collaborated with other agencies, but he says it's none of anybody's business what they researched and who they talked to.

Adds commenter Mark Gisleson: "I suspect Sheriff Bob is about to find out that it's much harder to manufacture reports after the fact than he seems to think."

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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I think the people he has harassed should SUE. His persecution of the RNC8 and people who came to peacefully dissent at the RNC made Ramsey County more than a laughing stock; it made St. Paul look INSANE. Many people were damaged during that time and in the aftermath, as well.

I also think he should pay back all the taxpayers he has ripped off by pulling these shenanigans. The damage to the public trust by its Sheriff are extensive.

Surely, if he and his posse found 33 groups to monitor and infiltrate, there are SOME files.

Besides his (grossly overpaid) deputies, the only ones who appear to have benefited are those who sold the shredding machines.

What does dereliction of duty consist of? He couldn't even get the names of the groups right.


It seems pretty simple: if they really ARE 33 terrorist groups operating in Ramsey County, the current sheriff should have that information. Currently, Fletcher is the only one with that 'information'. He was paid to compile it, and he was paid to investigate these alleged groups, by the taxpayers. If he was running some kind of PRIVATE security company, then he could justifiably say "mind your own business". It wouldn't be an example of good citizenship, but it would be justified.

Either Fletcher is okay with having nobody watch 33 terrorist organisations in his County, or those organisations do not exist.

If those organisations DO exist, then Fletcher's complete failure to provide any documentation of his investigations can only be considered as de facto support of those putative terrorists. Time for a subpoena.

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