Pawlenty Pardon: Sex offender Jeremy Giefer released on bail

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City Pages
Jeremy Giefer, sex offender pardoned by Gov. Pawlenty, is free on bail today.
Jeremy Giefer, the convicted sex offender who received a 2008 pardon only to be charged anew last November with raping his daughter hundreds of times, is free on bail.

Giefer had already been released on $250,000 bail once, but immediately violated the terms of his release by showing up in the parking lot where his daughter/victim was attending a therapy session.

He was rearrested, and in a hearing last week Judge Bradley Walker raised his bail to $350,000.

Under the terms of his release, Giefer has to wear a GPS monitoring device and isn't allowed to drink or own firearms. He also has to stay away from his three-year-old daughter by a former neighbor who has a restraining order against him, as well as any other girls under the age of 16, including his daughter and any witnesses.

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Blue Earth County Sheriff's Department
Jeremy Giefer walked out of jail yesterday.
That last requirement has so far proven difficult of Giefer. In addition to his previous bail violation, he was also recorded in jail arranging with a third party to contact his daughter.

Nevertheless, Giefer posted the extra $100,000 yesterday and was released.

Assistant Blue Earth County Attorney Chris Rovney has already questioned in court how a guy who can put up hundreds of thousands of dollars in bail is qualifying for a free public defender.

"I believe he has not been truthful," Rovney said of Giefer's financial claims after a December 13 hearing, adding that he intends to look into perjury charges over Giefer's application for a public defender.

But Rick Miller of Griffin Bail Bonds, which put up both rounds of Giefer's bail, says Giefer doesn't have to be rich to make bail.

"Generally what we see is people putting up property--their own or their relatives' -- as collateral," Miller told City Pages today. When you start adding up real estate, vehicles, retirement funds, you can get up to $350,000 pretty easily."

City Pages
This diagram from the assessor's office show the position of Giefer's home, daycare center, and towing business.
Giefer's property includes his home, the daycare business next door, and his towing business next to the daycare.

Even so, Giefer has to pay Griffin Bail Bonds a fee. Miller said the company usually gets about 10 percent, which would be $35,000 for Giefer.

Giefer's next court date has yet to be scheduled.

Pawlenty's PardonGate

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Phoenix Woman
Phoenix Woman

If this guy was a poor black man in South Minneapolis, bail wouldn't just have been reset higher, it would have been revoked entirely. Yet Giefer's entire adult life has been marked by his egregious deeds, and how others have spared him the full consequences of his actions.

innocent until proven guilty?
innocent until proven guilty?

He is accused of raping his daughter not convicted yet. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty.


Disgraceful- raping his daughter hundreds of times... who is looking out for the child? elm NYC

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