Powderhorn Park sex assault suspect severs ankle monitor but later surrenders (UPDATE)

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Powderhorn Park neighbors gathered for a vigil after the attacks.
Four teenage boys were arrested after Thanksgiving Eve sex assaults in and near Powderhorn Park.

Then came news that one of the boys, 15 years old, was on the lose. He'd cut off his ankle bracelet monitor and disappeared.

The identities of 14- and 15-year old crime suspects are automatically concealed under juvenile court laws, so authorities didn't name the boy they're looking for.

KSTP identified him as MaCarr Tyree Hill, the teen whose name was revealed before his lawyer argued that he was 15, not 16 years old.

While Hill's three alleged accomplices were placed in juvenile detention, and face aggravated sexual assault charges, he was only charged with aggravated robbery and allowed to live with his grandmother with the monitoring device strapped to his ankle.

She reported to police on Wednesday that he had fled. The Strib says he has now turned himself in.

The boys are accused of brandishing a gun and sexually assaulting and robbing a mother in front of her two kids while they went cross country skiing in the park the night before Thanksgiving.

She fought them off. But they later trapped two teenage girls in a garage about three blocks from the park. Police responding to the mother's emergency call followed the attackers' footprints and prevented a pair of rapes at gunpoint.

Update: Hill surrendered Sunday night at the Hennepin County juvenile jail in Minneapolis.

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I hate that I feel the way but I'm usually correct, I can guess this losers color ! Of course his parents are absent that community needs take ownership of there failures. Look at the percentage in prison it's a shame.


It's hard not to think of Clockwork Orange, and then there's a real doubletake when you combine that with the perception of the Midwest as being safe.

A heinous crime, and hopefully there will be no kid gloves with this one. It's probably an abstraction, but children don't think about sex the same way adults do, and the sexual bent indicates adult-trending thinking, and thus an adult sentence would be appropriate.

Hard labor, such as shovelling snow somewhere between here and Thief River Falls with an lead weight may be appropriate...


Good - now the people of MN can find him and teach him about street justice. Hopefully this piece of shit is already in the bottom of a shallow grave.

A mother
A mother

WOW! Who are you to judge the value of someone's life, have you lived a straight and narrow path all your life, if he's at the bottom of a shallow grave I hope your next to him!!!!


Your a feel good liberal who would be the first to say "help help please shoot him he's raping me" if you were that mother! Than being a dead perp wouldn't be so bad would it !

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