Roel Joseph Perez guilty of stabbing and paralyzing Major the police dog

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Roel Joseph Perez
Major the Roseville police dog will never walk again, and may not ever be able to control his bodily functions. And it's all because of the way meth head Roel J. Perez Jr. attacked him so viciously during a botched robbery attempt last November.

The 21-year-old Maplewood man pleaded guilty to the attack yesterday in Ramsey County Court.

Perez was trying to hide from the cops inside a truck parts store on English Street in Roseville when Major was sent through a hole the cops found cut in the side of the building. Major latched onto Perez's scent and clamped down on his left leg.

Perez reacted by pulling out a knife and stabbing Major over and over, in the head and neck. The dog let go and staggered off, yelping and whining in pain. Officers found him later, covered in blood. He had a collapsed lung, and he couldn't walk.

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University of Minnesota veterinarians tried mightily, but unsuccessfully, to save Major from paralysis.
Officers moved in and arrested Perez, along with two accomplices, James Ricky McBain and Ryan Neil Dorner, who had tried to flee the scene. Later, they found burglary tools and a meth pipe in Perez's car. All three men said they wanted to sell stolen truck parts to pay for their meth addiction.

Now Perez is going to pay with time and money--maybe as much as six years and a $13,000 fine. He'll be sentenced February 16 on charges of attempted theft, a felony, and harm to a public safety dog, a gross misdemeanor.

McBain and Dorner still face charges of possession of burglary or theft tools and attempted theft. If guilty, they could each be looking at five and a half years behind bars and $10,000 fines.

Meanwhile, Roseville PD announced just before Christmas that despite the best therapy the University of Minnesota Veterinary Center could offer, Major will never regain the use of his hind legs.

Confessed meth heads Perez, McBain, and Dorner.

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