Ryan Eugene Loyd sentenced in 16-year-old Anthony Titus's murder

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Ryan Eugene Loyd
Anthony Titus had just turned 16 years old when he was shot dead on the night of the Fourth of July in a backyard on the 2900 block of Fremont Avenue North.

Family and friends said they were sure the boy wasn't in a gang, and that the shooting wasn't gang-related.

As Minneapolis police started investigating, they found there was more to the story.

Titus had been hanging out with a bunch of friends who included someone associated with the T-Block street gang. And as they walked down Fremont Avenue, a maroon Ford Expedition rolled by.

As they turned onto 30th Avenue North, it rolled by again. This time, someone in the SUV yelled out, "What's up now, li'l niggers."

Two men got out of the SUV and opened fire on Titus and his friends, then ran back to the SUV, and it sped off.

Before the end of the month, Minneapolis cops had arrested two men, 21-year-old Ryan Eugene Loyd and 17-year-old Kenneth Johnson in the shooting. Both are suspected members of the "Young and Thuggin" gang bangers, rivals with T-Block.

Loyd pleaded guilty today to second degree attempted murder and second degree murder in Hennepin County District Court. He's been sentenced to 39 years in prison.

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I still love u ryan loyd and happy father's day babe! love#1 babymom<3...

people may not know u or think of u as this bad person but i know u and your the sweest thing/person that was on outside when u was u know people make mess up sometimes that don't make them a damn madman nor manster so to the ones that don't like u so what u still <3 by many more like me and your son u know we was happy when u was out and again u was so sweet to us we miss that so much and now that your gone a part of us left too sorry about what happen i wouldent wish it on anyone couse we lost someone close to us too at the same time and at the end of the day we cry and always have bad days too well i know i do because when someone's in jail for a long time for doin something rong or that wasent worth doin there still others that feel like therein jail too like when u just be with somebody for so long and be with eachother all the time and then yall wake up one day kiss see u later then hours go by and u get a call sayin  i wont see u on the outside life anymore i mean wow i cant even say what i feel out loud but it's not a good feelin i miss everything about u and u will always be in my <3 forever and always ..in my tears.. 


- All i know is we finally can know that these guys are no longer out on the streets and other places to hurt young kids even older people . i cant actually say I'm glad or happy right now because even though they are in jail who will get the others that is out here killing the young and innocent ? the ones that are still out there need to be off our streets . i have some happiness in my heart knowing the one that killed my friend as of others their loved one , son , nephew and more ' we have our heart half way full it will be complete knowing that he was coming back to us that day man i miss him so much first boyfriend and love i had i just wish i could be with him right now. nothing would make me happier knowing i could see you again and give you the biggest hug ever . ms . princess ilu and im just glad we have women that are as strong as you your words of wisdom help me alot even if your not speaking directly towards me i feel everything and cry knowing i have someone like you and more women should be or speak like you speak . - <3 shar shar !


these gangs are f*cking idiots

REAL gangsters do their business out of the public eye, doing whatever they can to avoid police detection, but these animals are rolling around blasting their own people! what is gangster about that???? f*ck all gangs, all colors, f*ck em

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