Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton win right to attend Champlin Park H.S. pep fest together

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The lawsuit is off and the kids are alright.

Openly lesbian Champlin Park High School students Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton have won the right to walk together in the processional for the school's annual Snow Days Pep Fest.

That's what the school's students voted for in the first place when they elected both women to the Royalty Court for the event, which functions as a basketball team homecoming celebration. But the high school tried to rig the event to stop the girls from being in the processional together.

That drew a lawsuit on Friday from the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, with assistance from Faegre & Benson's lawyers. The Minnesota Human Rights Act explicitly prohibits schools from discriminating against students based on their sex or sexual orientation, and the lawsuit also said the high school's move violated the girls' rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

We have the full text of the lawsuit.

A day later, the Anoka-Hennepin School District, the school, the girls and their advocates found some common ground.

SPLC issued a joint statement on everyone's behalf, after reaching agreement in federal court:

Each member of Royalty Court will select a meaningful person in their life to escort him or her in the coronation procession following introductions at this year's Pep Fest. This will enable Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton to walk together in the processional.

"After today, I think that working with the school and creating these changes is really positive and really good for everyone," Shelton told WCCO. "This is what we both have been hoping for. We both are looking forward to it."

The uproar may also have turned into a positive learning experience for the school district, which can't seem to get its head around the challenge of making its schools safe for GLBT students.

The joint statement said the district promised to work harder to "realize the district-wide objective of honoring all students."

Here's the full statement:

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Ellen Hadley
Ellen Hadley

Hurray for these brave civil rights leaders!!! Thousands of kids around the country will benefit from the struggle Desiree and Sarah endured. Congratulations and Thank You, girls!!!


You really believe that? For those of us on the fence about these sort of things, people like you and these girls make us want to push back. Gays have been around for thousands of years with the rest of us and very few people gave a crap, it is only in the last 20 that they seem to need to be in peoples faces all the time. How dumb, for every victory you have, you shove people to the other side who really didnt want to be there but are getting tired of the in your face crap. Really, a federal lawsuit? Way to look like victims.


I know. It's just like when blacks and women started complaining about equality. Everyone was fine for hundreds of years before that. Am I right?!?!?


Heterosexuals have been center stage for thousands of years.

For every victory gays have, hater hets get upset that heterosexuals have to share the spotlight and not be the only stars of the show.

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