Snow record in Minneapolis: We're inches away

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We'll be needing a lot more of these this winter.
We haven't even slogged through January and the 59.9 inches of snow that have fallen this winter have already blown past the average total for the whole season.

The snowiest months are still ahead, too. So if this keeps up, some weather folk say there's a chance we could break the 98.4-inch record set in 1983-84.

Local weather guru Paul Douglas doesn't think so, though. He looked into his crystal ball and predicted less:

My gut (based on how the pattern is progressing this winter: we'll wind up with close to 75" for the winter, which would put us in the Top 10.

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A snowfall record: Who cares?
Meanwhile, St. Paul has declared a snow emergency after last night's minor dump; Minneapolis has yet to follow suit but it's already under permanent snow parking restrictions because the city looks like Hoth.

And it looks like we're about to plunge into a serious deep freeze, which is good news, of course. Plenty of snow for trails, plenty of arctic love for the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships.

Here are the five snowiest winters on record in Minnesota:

  • 1983-84 98.4 inches
  • 1981-82 95.0 inches
  • 1950-51 88.9 inches
  • 1991-92 84.1 inches
  • 1961-62 81.3 inches

Will we break the record? Stay tuned.

Where it all started: The National Weather Service map of Snowmaqgeddon, Dec. 11-12.

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