Stephanie Dusenberry, Vikings masseuse, claims Brett Favre sent her lewd texts

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Stephanie Dusenberry says Brett Favre wasn't the only Viking to text her.
Eden Prairie masseuse Stephanie Dusenberry has come forward to say that she was on the receiving end of lewd texts from now-retired quarterback Brett Favre.

And he wasn't the only Viking with a cell phone who wanted to reach out and touch her.

Dusenberry contacted Deadspin after it broke the Jenn Sterger story.

Stunned by the unwanted advances, Dusenberry contacted Deadspin via text message:

I received a text from a Hattisburg.MS phone number saying this is Brent with the Vikings.

"Do you have time to work on me tonight? No hurry I'm alone."

I told him I would not come to his house and he said, "You don't know what it's like to not be touched by a woman for three weeks, come over and no one needs to know."

I called the Eden Prairie Police Department and filed a report immediately.

If you want to see and hear Dusenberry, watch this promotional video for her massage business:

In subsequent reporting, Deadspin learned she had once worked directly for the Vikings, and then as an independent contractor. She had good working relationships with some players, and not so much with others.

She had problems both in session and out of session with former Vikings defensive back Dwight Smith, wide receiver Aundrae Allison, and back-up running back Albert Young.

Favre already faces a sexual harassment lawsuit from two massage therapists who worked for the New York Jets. And he's been fined by the NFL for stonewalling its investigation into the Sterger saga.

If her story holds up, you can't help but wonder whether Favre and the Vikings are going to find themselves dragged into a scandalous mess reminiscent of the "Love Boat" fiasco on Lake Minnetonka.

The Favre File:

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Here's what I don't get about this whole Brett Favre saga:

So, apparently, Brett has all the time in the world to just sit around on his butt all day sending lewd text messages to everybody under the sun.

And yet, he has never responded to a single one of the 72 lewd text messages that I've sent him...

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