Steven Hayward guest posts at Power Line after Paul Mirengoff's resignation

Steven Hayward.jpg
Steven Hayward loves monster trucks.
Paul Mirengoff figured it was okay to trash Indian spiritual beliefs and Mexicans when he complained on the Power Line blog about a Yaqui prayer delivered at the memorial service for the Tucson shooting victims.

But he also trashed his law firm's reputation among its American Indian clients. He got a very public dressing down. And he resigned from Power Line. In his place today: Steven Hayward.

Power Line chief John Hinderaker writes that Hayward, of the American Enterprise Institute, is one of an expected series of guest bloggers.

At the AEI website, Hayward says his "political education" began in 1964 with the stunning news that Lyndon Johnson had buried Barry Goldwater on Election Day. Hayward's family and everyone else in their suburban neighborhood were Goldwater backers. Didn't that mean the entire country felt the same way? Well, no.

Hayward's now positioned himself as an environmental expert at the American Enterprise Institute, so perhaps he'll steer clear of gratuitously insulting Indians and Mexicans.

Indeed, he trashes the Washington Post today for being shot through with liberal elitism because it failed to cover a local monster truck rally, and glories in the exhaust fume-laden atmosphere of the event, free of government emissions standards.

That seems like much safer territory.

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Awesome. Douchebags cultivating more douchebags.

It's always sad when the talking heads become the news, but with these specimens, it should have happened years ago when they were building their audience. What was once outrageous is now accepted as being OK because it isn't "PC" or "Lamestream" or "elitist."

These soi disant mouthpieces for "America" have nothing of value to add, yet they continue to gain ground against what used to be considered intelligent reporting and opinion, by simply appealing to the lizard brain aspect of a consistently duller audience. Why is being angry and stupid more desirable than smart and informed? Oh, yeah. That's "elitist."

Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

Glad to see coverage of this, but I'm disappointed that the name of Mirengoff's law firm, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, keeps getting dropped from all the coverage of this Power Line Deacon fail.

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