Tim Pawlenty is "Tom Pawlenty" on CSPAN

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"Tom" Pawlenty spoke to New Hampshire Republicans.
Tim Pawlenty has often said that name recognition is one of his main challenges when it comes to considering a White House run in 2012.

Here's one way you can tell: CSPAN carried tape of T-Paw's speech last week to a group of New Hampshire GOP big shots, and it promoted the clip with the former governor by labeling it "Tom Pawlenty Remarks."

Pawlenty was in the Granite State to sell books and boost his visibility, a routine he followed over the weekend back here in Minnesota, and that he'll continue this week in Iowa.

Meantime, everywhere he goes, people keep asking him about whether Michele Bachmann will get into the presidential race. The bad news for T-Paw is that Bachmann has no problem with name recognition. The good news: At least he's not getting royally mocked by Saturday Night Live.

His incessant self-promotion may be paying off. A New Hampshire GOP straw poll of possible White House contenders found him behind Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, but ahead of Sarah Palin -- and Bachmann.

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Hat tip: Morning Take

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Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams

Doesn't mean anything in the long run, but it does me good to imagine the consternation it gave that rat-faced tool

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