Timdependence Day Trailer mashes up Pawlenty with ID4 [VIDEO]

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Photoshop by VisionQuest
We would have done Timdependence Day but we thought it was too obvious.
You can't say T-Paw didn't ask for this.

After Pawlenty released his awesomely over-the-top action movie trailer, we couldn't help but imagine 10 Posters for Tim Pawlenty Action Movies--including Avapaw, Bravepaw, and Timmy Pawter and the Deathly Hallows.

So it was only a matter of time before someone took the step of mashing up T-Paw's footage with its obvious inspiration: Independence Day.

A Better Minnesota does the honors this afternoon:
Do you have any good Tim Pawlenty movie posters or videos? Send them to us at: Letters@CityPages.com.

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The Tech Prophet
The Tech Prophet

Don't let T-Paw get his hands on the secret government Nano. While Barrack has had problems with the unemployment numbers he has done a better job with the nano, and with the secret government. I'm really worried about how the republicans plan to use the nano in the secret government if previously the nano experiment caused the weather pattern shift causing hurricaine katrina, and many other problems. Apparent Kanye's own behavior issues happening when Hurricaine Katrina was announced, and subsequently, were caused by a secret government, and nanotechnology. T-Paw may do a worse job of being in a judge dread role than Obama? What if T-Paw wins the next election. Does he get Florida with the nano?

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