Tom Petters' foul mouth caught on audio and transcripts

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avidor petters panel.jpg
Tom Petters: F-bomb city.
Convicted Ponzi schemer Tom Petters, settling in for what amounts to a life sentence in a federal penitentiary for screwing investors out of billions of dollars, isn't guilty.

No, he's a victim! He's misunderstood! He's selling a fucking dream, for cryin' out loud!

That's what he said while Department of Justice officials listened in, courtesy of the wire worn by his former associate and government informant Deanna Coleman.

DOJ has now released the tapes and transcripts of Petters as he slowly but surely puts the screws to himself in a massive fraud, and we've just posted our award-winning cartoonist Ken Avidor's take on what the very NSFW documents reveal. Check it out by clicking here.

No one knows Petters like Avidor. He sat through the disgraced businessman's trial, and delivered a regular illustrated update as the case progressed.

The work garnered a "Best Use of Multimedia" award from the Society of Professional Journalists' Minnesota chapter in April.

avidor petters intro.jpg
Click on the image to go to the slideshow.

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