Tucker Hibbert roars to Winter X Games snocross gold again [VIDEO]

tucker hibbert.jpg
Tucker Hibbert makes a lot of noise in Aspen.
Leaping snowmobile riders in the Winter X Games isn't likely what John Denver had in mind when he warbled "Rocky Mountain High" back in the day.

But the event, like everything else at the X-Games in Aspen, is a huge crowd pleaser, regardless of the noise and fumes. And Tucker Hibbert of Pelican Rapids is the event's reigning world champion, again, after Sunday's race.

Cheesehead Ross Martin was expected to give Hibbert a tough race, but he jumped the start in and was ordered to let Hibbert pass by. By the time Hibbert crossed the finish line, airborne, there wasn't a competitor in sight.

These guys are crazy. Watch:

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I here Tucker put in a request to ride with Todd Palin (Sarah Palins husband) That's right Tucker; don't ever buy into the liberal montra of group think. You will only acheive things of this nature by asserting personal ambitions and goals. Go Tucker!

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