William Levi Brim might be the St. Cloud City Hall air duct burglar

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William Levi Brim.jpg
St. Cloud police are looking for suspected duct-creeping William Levi Brim.
St. Cloud police figured out that someone was using the building's air ducts to go on a Mission Impossible-style burglary spree before Christmas.

Now they want to talk with 21-year-old homeless man William Levi Brim.

He's wanted on second degree burglary charges after municipal employees discovered that someone had pilfered food out of office refrigerators and cell phones from their desks, and tried to bust into some safes.

The office is locked every night, and there were no signs of forced entry, so police were mystified at first by the thefts. But then, Tuesday after New Year's, the phantom burglar left a clue: rattles and bangs in the air ducts.

The building was locked down. A sweep turned up nothing. But as police approached the building the next morning, they saw a startled skinny man bolt from the area.

Now they're liking Brim for the lead role in their Hollywood caper. And they're making it hard for copycats by installing security cameras.

But there's one problem: Brim is an elusive star. They don't know where he is. If you do, give them a call at 320-251-1200.

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