Amanda Oswald: Brett Favre wanted massage à trois

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Amanda Oswald figured Favre was up to no good.
Another massage therapist, 27-year-old Amanda Oswald, has come forward to say that she was on the receiving end of Brett Favre's infamous "bad intentions" text message first brought to light by Shannon O'Toole and Christina Scavo.

Those two claim in a sexual harassment lawsuit that they were humiliated and left without work with the New York Jets after Favre tried to hit on them via text messages in 2008.

Scavo and O'Toole say an unnamed masseuse showed them the message. Scavo showed the message to her husband, who contacted Favre personally and angrily demanded an apology. After that, Scavo and O'Toole never worked for the Jets again.

Oswald appears to be the unnamed masseuse. She's going on the TV show Inside Edition tonight with her story.

"My interpretation at the time was that he was interested in having a threesome with my friend [Scavo] and I," she says in the interview. "I responded that I'm strictly professional; if you would like a professional massage, please give me a call, I'd be happy to help you. And his response back was, 'Okay,' and that was the last I heard from him."

A fourth masseuse, Stephanie Dusenberry of Eden Prairie, said in January that she was also on the receiving end of lewd texts from Favre.

The Favre File:

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Biggest break these ladies will ever have! Enjoy your fifteen minutes..............

Zo Zoon
Zo Zoon

All these lewd and lurid articles, but something's wrong with Favre for indulging his own private luridity. Eh?

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