Bachmann wants Obama to be more like Wisconsin governor, but Americans don't

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Whose side is she on?
Rep. Michele Bachmann is appalled that President Barack Obama has sided with public employee unions in Wisconsin opposed to a union-busting bill being pushed by Gov. Scott Walker.

And she complained today on Facebook that Obama ought to be more like Walker when it comes to cutting government spending.

But that's not what Americans want, a new poll suggests.

Michele Bachmann on Facebook
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USA Today
Americans are on one side, Bachmann is on the other.
USA Today and Gallup have just published a survey, taken Monday, showing that most Americans don't support Walker's efforts to neuter his state's public employee unions in the name of balancing the budget.
Q: Would you favor or oppose a law in your state taking away some collective bargaining rights of most public unions, including the state teachers union?

The poll found that 61 percent opposed any law in their state similar to the one Walker supports, 53 percent opposed reducing pay or benefits for government workers, and 48 percent opposed reducing or eliminating government programs compared to 47 percent in favor.

The results are markedly different from a Rasmussen poll released yesterday that showed 48 percent of Americans agree more with the Republican governor, compared to 38 percent who sided with the protesting union members.

(Poll analyst Nate Silver thinks the Rasmussen poll, conducted last week, is intentionally biased. Here's why.)


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Biased survey by USA Today/Gallup? Of course, anything to prove the bad points of the minority. It is time to get rid of the ruthless, bullying tactics of the union mobs, nothing but evil dictatorial tyrants who pin their largesse on the backs of the 90% of us who are working hard and NOT IN UNIONS!

The Retro Housewife
The Retro Housewife

Ah yes, the "rights" question. Let's ask Americans how they feel about this question: Would you like your tax dollars spent on buying politicians who will support the interests of public employee unions over yours, no matter how detrimental to society as a whole, and by doing so will ultimately enslave you and your children via the resulting financial obligations which are so massive that all public resources will be consumed to satisfy them?

Let's ask! Let's!

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