Bachmann vs. Obama on Wisconsin unions

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Michele Bachmann wants the president out of Wisconsin.
Rep. Michele Bachmann told Megyn Kelly on Fox News this afternoon that it was admirable of former president Ronald Reagan to insert himself into the air traffic controllers strike of 1981 - and fire all the strikers.

But she said it was despicable of President Barack Obama to insert himself into the union-busting effort going on Wisconsin today -- because he's on the side of the unions.

"What's shocking is that the White House is weighing in, taking sides, and bringing in a campaign apparatus to set this up," Bachmann said.

Massive demonstrations continued in Madison today, as they have all week, over a bill passed by the Wisconsin Assembly that would strip public employee union members of their collective bargaining rights. The bill is dead for now in the state Senate because all 14 Democrats there have left the state, preventing the quorum necessary to vote on the measure. [Story/Photos: Wisconsin missing senator photos: Have you seen these politicians?]

City Pages
The Wisconsin 14 fled the state to avoid voting on the anti-union bill.
The bill is spearheaded by GOP Gov. Scott Walker, who claims he needs to strip the union of its bargaining rights to help balance the state budget. His critics say that he's just using the budget as an excuse to neuter the public employee unions.

The Washington Post reported today that the White House is helping to organize the protests. And Obama told a Wisconsin TV station that he suspected the unions were being scapegoated. [Story/Poll: Barack Obama supports Wisconsin unions. Do you?]

"Some of what I've heard coming out of Wisconsin, where they're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions," Obama said. "I think everybody's got to make some adjustments, but I think it's also important to recognize that public employees make enormous contributions to our states and our citizens."

Such thinking is "beyond conscionable," Bachmann opined (Hat tip: TPM):

"If we look back to what President Reagan did, President Reagan fired the air traffic controllers. We're now on day three of Wisconsin teachers leaving their post, and leaving the children that they are tasked to serve, and not teaching them, so that they can go out and protest, so they can make more money. This is beyond conscionable."

Bachmann is all about jobs, jobs, jobs - unless we're talking about teachers and other public employees in Wisconsin. In their case, she just wants to say, "You're fired."

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Bachmann doesn't mention all the people that died after those planes crashed following Reagan's firing of the Air Traffic Controllers either. Conveniently short memory.


Proud of the Wisconsin 14. You guys are HEROS! Thank you for protecting my rights. You are going above and beyond in doing your jobs!


Even more to the point, Bachmann considers it okay to insert herself into the Wisconsin debate. Anyone who doesn't support Gov. Walker is just supposed to shut up, though.

Same old, same old: when Palin does what Obama is doing, it's free speech and only a communist would be against free speech. When Obama exercises his free speech rights, only a communist would approve of such a thing.

People want "magic answers", and they believed that the Republicans had magic answers last November. Instead, all they are doing is beating up the Left.

It's odd how all of the Republicans' magic answers always require unanimous applause, and how any kind of dissent seems to neutralise the "magic". But why is Republican dissent so sacred? Shut up, that's why. Clap louder, traitor.


By printing the photos it would appear that City Pages wants to help Gov Walker.

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