Betty McCollum threatened by racist fax after NASCAR comment [DOCUMENT]

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Tax dollars for NASCAR? Betty McCollum says no.
Rep. Betty McCollum has become the target of some vile hate mail from a NASCAR fan.

The St. Paul congresswoman just tried unsuccessfully to defund the U.S. Army's $7 million NASCAR car sponsorship, labeling it as a waste of taxpayer money.

For that, a message faxed anonymously to her office called McCollum a "JoBama Rectum Sniffing Slut." The message included a drawing of a pickup truck towing the head of President Barack Obama in a noose.

"Taxpayer-funded NASCAR race cars are an absurdity at a time when the Republican-Tea Party is cutting federal support for homeless veterans, law enforcement officers and firefighters," the St. Paul Democrat said yesterday.

Here's the fax she received in return.

mccollum hate mail.JPG
Office of Rep. Betty McCollum

Maria Reppas, McCollum's spokeswoman, said this morning that Capitol police are investigating the source of the message.

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