Christi Rowan, Denny Hecker's girlfriend, jailed for illegal $9,000 withdrawal [UPDATE]

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hecker rowan.jpg
Hecker and Rowan: Soul mates.
Convicted auto fraudster Denny Hecker moaned to the media from prison recently that he blamed himself for all the legal trouble facing Christi Rowan, his girlfriend--including possible prison time of her own.

But it sounds like she spent last night behind bars with nobody to blame but herself, after she violated the terms of her release and withdrew $9,000 from Hecker's U.S. Bank account.

Is this what Hecker means when he calls Rowan his soul mate?

Rowan was scheduled to be sentenced on Friday for her part in trying to help Hecker dodge the mountain of wire and bankruptcy fraud charges that eventually sent him to prison for 10 years.

If she had kept her nose clean, she might have escaped with just probation.

Forget that, the feds said yesterday when they asked for her to be jailed for 12 months.
Rowan was arrested when she showed up at the Sherburne County jail last night to visit Hecker.

The $9,000 withdrawal she made, along with cashing dividend checks from Hecker's stock, was part and parcel of a continued effort to scam the bankruptcy court, lead prosecutor Nicole Engisch said.

"Rowan's pattern of deception did not stop with her guilty plea, did not stop when the bankruptcy court ordered her not to spend estate assets, and did not stop when this court ordered gift cards frozen in the Hecker case. The government believes it will not stop unless Rowan receives a wakeup call from this court."
rowan mug shot feb 23.jpg
Christi Rowan got a new mug shot today.
Are Engisch and Hecker talking about the same woman?

"She is probably the greatest woman I have ever met in my life," he told WCCO. "All I can do is hope and pray that she gets probation."

Update: As Rowan wept in court this morning, U.S. District Court Judge Joan Ericksen threw out her original plea deal, opening the door to new charges and the possibility of a longer stay in prison. It's not clear right now whether tomorrow's sentencing will go on as planned.

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Old Denny will be honing his skills as a salesman working hard to get his love notes to Chrusti via the inmate janitors to the women's cell block. Just a thought on methods.

Or placing phone calls at the same time and conference each other in to tell one another how much they LOVE each other and thier next scam.

They will promise money and other incentives to meet their goal of outdoing the system. They can't be stopped in thier own minds to finally communicate.

The 2 scoundrels both having impulse control issues along with their psychopath sociapath behaviors will make it their mission to CONNECT any way available


She's really nuts, isn't she. She has a history of thinking she can just steal things, but now she's gone completely over the edge, stealing credit card numbers that are in FBI custody.

Cynthia Kelm
Cynthia Kelm

I worked with her at BFI for awhile back in the day. She hates Niggers,just like most people do.


I dated Christi for 8 months in 2004. She's a talented Deepthroater. But a Gold digger for sure.

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