Cynthia Mae Bearhart now formally charged with 10th DWI [MUG SHOTS]

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Cynthia Mae Bearhart
Sandstone's Cynthia Mae Bearhart caught our attention last week when she was arrested for the 10th time on suspicion of drunken driving.

A Wisconsin trooper pulled her over on Highway 77 near Danbury, and she tried to bluff her way out of the field sobriety test by faking an ear infection.

Her string of drunken driving arrests attest to the fact she has no qualms getting boozed up and back behind the wheel, but her run-in with the law in Danbury may change that.

Wisconsin instituted a tougher minimum sentencing law last July. Under the old system, Bearhart would only have had to serve 48 hours for her tenth offense. Now if she's found guilty, she'll be looking at at least four years.

Bearhart was formally charged today.

Here's a sampling of Bearhart's booking photos over the past ten years, courtesy of the Burnett County Sheriff's Office.

Maybe her latest will be her last:


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