Guess the Postal Puppy: 10 other cute dogs up for adoption

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Guess will go to someone else's loving home, but there's plenty of other cute dogs up for adoption.
Sad that you can't adopt "Guess," the five-month-old schnoodle Stacey Champion sealed in an airless box and tried to mail to Georgia?

Don't be--she has plenty of cute friends in need of homes.

If you're not one of the lucky ten people vying for a chance to adopt Guess, don't despair. There are plenty of doggies who could use your love.

Here are pics of 10 Twin Cities dogs available to adopt right now!

She's 7 weeks old, a Retriever/Labrador/Pit Bull mix. Her owners gave her up because she was part of an unwanted litter. Adopters get a free 8-week training pass to the Animal Humane Society's Training School. For more details about Cici, see her on the Animal Humane Society website.

Cici comes with a free pass for doggy training school

This spayed female hound/shepherd mix is three-and-a-half months old and ready for you. Find out more about her at Animal Humane Society.

Cherry wants to come home with you

Memphis Blue
This nearly five-year-old Great Dane had a happy home, but his mom got very ill. He'd love to live with a home with one other big dog, and with a nice big fenced yard. When he was younger he was in an accident and lost part of his tail. He's leash-trained, house-trained, graduated from advanced obedience training--and is very loving. Find out more at Great Dane Rescue of MN and WI.

Memphis Blue.jpg
Memphis Blue graduated from advanced obedience school

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