Jeremy Green, Vikings coach Denny's son, guilty of child porn

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Police busted Green in a Holiday Inn last July with flash drives and some cocaine.
Former football analyst Jeremy Green pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing child pornography in Connecticut.

Green, son of former Vikings coach Denny Green, was charged with first-degree possession of child pornography and possession of narcotics last summer after Bristol, Connecticut police busted him in a Holiday Inn with some flash drives and cocaine.

He is expected to be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Last June, Green chatted online for hours with "lendingmom12," who he believed to be a mother willing to introduce him to her children, according to the charges. Green allegedly shared photos and videos with her over the Internet of very young children.

Unbeknownst to Green, "lendingmom12" was actually an undercover detective from Fosythe, Missouri. The detective passed the information along to Bristol police officers, who traced Green to the Holiday Inn.

Green worked as an NFL analyst for ESPN before his arrest.
Green's girlfriend was with him when the police busted in. On the flash drives, police found more than 100 pornographic photos, many of kids between 2 and 10 years old.

Green was booked on $750,000 bail and placed on suicide watch. He has since lost his job with ESPN.

Though Green is looking at a two-decade sentence, he might only serve a quarter of that behind bars, according the Hartford Courant. Per the terms of a plea agreement, Green's sentence will likely be suspended after five years, and he'll serve an additional 10 years of probation.

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