Joe Mauer shoots Head & Shoulders shampoo spot (Video Of The Day)

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Can you get dandruff on your sideburns?
Maybe it's a sign of his polished professionalism that Twins catcher Joe Mauer doesn't just bust a gut when he utters inane statements like, "being a catcher, my hair takes a beating."

Or maybe it's just a matter of respect for the whopping payday coming his way: Mauer has inked a deal with Head & Shoulders to shill its dandruff shampoo.

Or, as Head & Shoulders' PR department puts it, Mauer is "the newest member to the brand's ambassador team," including the NFL's Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year, Troy Polamalu.

Mauer shot the TV spot at Petco Park in San Diego. Watch the ambassador work:

More on Mauer:

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