Michele Bachmann dropped $225 on makeup and hair before Election Day

bachmann clown 200.jpg
No, not this makeup job.
Rep. Michele Bachmann had a record amount of money to throw around as Election Day drew near a few months ago, so she figured, what the heck, she'd drop a couple of Ben Franklins on looking good for the media swarm.

Cost Cutters evidently didn't cut it for the sixth district congresswoman so concerned about spending. An FEC report shows Bachmann turned her home into a temporary spa.

"The receipt was for the services of professional makeup artist Natalie Hale," her father, Terry Trooien, told Karl Bremer. "She is specifically requested by Michele Bachmann when she comes back to Minnesota."

Bill Clinton calls Michele Bachmann "divorced from reality"

That campaign war chest was tapped yesterday at CPAC too. Bachmann picked up the tab for 11,000 conservatives at happy hour, and produced swag bags with faux baseball jerseys for the first 500 people who shook her hand in a receiving line.

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Reminds me of SP's lipstick on a pig...When you've got nothing to say, just pile on the make-up.  All the make-up in the world can't hide the stupidity of these two GOP "stars".

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Bill Clinton calls Michele Bachmann "divorced from reality" That comment by bill has helped Michele raise a boat load of money! Thanks willy

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