Minneapolis declares snow emergency [UPDATES]

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We'll be seeing a lot of this today.
A foot of snow has fallen on Minneapolis since Sunday morning, and after putting it off overnight, the city declared a snow emergency this morning. That makes eight for the winter -- a record.

Mayor R.T. Rybak said Minneapolis was waiting to see how much more snow might fall before it asks residents to endure another three-day car shuffle.

Let the games begin!

(St. Paul declared a snow emergency yesterday.)

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UPDATE #1: Day 1 of Minneapolis Snow Emergency parking rules begin at 9 p.m.

Park on either side of non-Snow Emergency routes (these streets DO NOT have the red sign: Snow Emergency Route).

Do not park on either side of the street with the red sign: Snow Emergency Route. Snow plows will clear those streets first.

After a street is fully plowed, feel free to park there, even if Snow Emergency parking rules are still in effect.

Fully plowed means the street is completely cleared and plowed as wide as possible.

Plows may come through more than once, so make sure that it is fully plowed as wide as possible before parking.

More on Day 2 and Day 3 here.

The National Weather Service is saying this morning that the snow will taper off today. As it does, this winter is now guaranteed to be at least the 11th snowiest on record in the Twin Cities.
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It doesn't look like the snowfall total from this latest storm has eclipsed the Dec. 11-12 storm earlier this winter, when 17 inches fell on Minneapolis and the Metrodome collapsed. And it remains to be seen whether we break snowfall records for an entire winter.

Here are the five snowiest winters on record for Minneapolis:

  • 1983-84: 98.6 inches
  • 1981-82: 95.0 inches
  • 1950-51: 88.9 inches
  • 1991: 92 84.1 inches
  • 1961-62: 81.3 inches

The average seasonal snowfall in the Twin Cities is 55.9 inches, but more snow fell in the Twin Cities by the end of January than the annual average for an entire winter. That hasn't happened in seven years. It comes after the snowiest December on record.

Here's a look at MNDOT's I-94/Portland Ave. traffic cam at about 1:30 p.m.
The current seasonal snowfall total stands at 72.9 inches. That's 33 inches above the normal value of 39.9 inches through Feb. 20.
Meanwhile, here are snow totals from around the cities, as of 1:30 p.m.
  • Madison (Minn .): 19
  • NW Eden Prairie: 17
  • SSW Montevideo: 16.30
  • Bloomington: 16
  • SSW Burnsville: 15
  • Springfield: 15
  • Woodbury: 14
  • Eden Prairie: 14
  • Menomonie (Wis.): 13
  • St. Paul: 13
  • Minneapolis: 13
  • WNW Rice: 12.90
  • ENE St. Paul: 12.50
  • Minneapolis (MSP): 12.30
  • Inver Grove Heights: 12

UPDATE #2: Metro Transit reports that 77.4 percent of 464 buses on 108 routes are on-time, with an average delay of about 4.4 minutes. Northstar and Hiawatha trains are on-time.

Don't go the Metro Transit website for updates, by the way. The site has been down for more than an hour. Better to subscribe to the Twitter feed.

UPDATE #3: State Patrol spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske reported 238 crashes on metro highways last night, 31 of them with injuries reported, including a trooper whose squad car was struck. As of 10 a.m. there were 32 crashes today in the metro, two of them involving squad cars.

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Señor Plow no es macho, Es solamente un borracho.

East Coast Doug
East Coast Doug

It is, a snow emergency. Or rather it's an emergency because the city of Mpls has done such a horsesh*t job of basic plowing.

Let me enumerate. I've lived in Mpls (from the East Coast) for 30 years. I know what snow is like, and what snow plowing should be.

Here in Mpls, the ruling class in downtown, get all the snow removed. The rest of us poor suckers get some 'less than aware' moron plowing the street 3-4 feet from the curb.

Then additionally, the ever astute midwestern drivers park about a foot or two from where the plow has cleared. Thus one is left with about a 7 foot street!

AFAIK, all you midwestern people - plow drivers and motorists need to get your heads out of your butts!!!!!


Sooo City Pages is really going to not report snow totals for St. Paul?


St. Paul didn't break into the The Top 10 snowfall figures from the NWS figures early this morning. I'll be revisiting them this afternoon, and if St. Paul breaks into the Top 100, I'll be sure to include that.


Yep. If you scroll up, you'll see that I updated the post with the 1:30 p.m. totals (I was working off 4.30 a.m. numbers before.) Thanks for the comments.

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