Oregon Trail: Minnesota inventors play the new Facebook game [VIDEO]

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The inventors answer the question, 'Is Oregon Trail on Facebook as good as the original?'
This week, Oregon Trail on Facebook went live.

As we explained in our January cover story, it's been 40 years since three Minnesotans invented the most successful educational computer game of all time.

Though inventors Paul Dillenberger and Bill Heinemann never saw a dime of the game's profits, we asked them to play the new Facebook version and review it. They readily agreed.

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Rawitsch, Heinemann and Dillenberger in the '90s.
In 1971, Dillenberger, Heinemann, and their roommate Don Rawitsch invented the game as student teachers in Minneapolis. Over the next 40 years and under different ownership, the game sold 65 million copies all over the world.

Today, Oregon Trail is owned by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which developed the new Facebook game.

Heinemann and Dillenberger agreed to give it a spin and compare it to the version they programmed in 1971:


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