Pawlenty Reloaded: 2 Pawlenty 2 Furious

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Matt Visionquest
More movie magic from Mr. Minnesota.
Sequels are de rigueur for movies these days, so it should come as no surprise that Tim Pawlenty is back with another action-packed trailer.

It was only a month ago that Tim Pawlenty, former Minnesota governor and likely future presidential candidate, revolutionized political advertising forever with his wide-screen self-promotional epic.

Now Bravepaw is back with a whole new IMAX-worthy thrill-ride, and this time it's personal and ripped from the headlines: Pawlenty's going after Wisconsin unions.

Like any good movie trailer, this one starts with some indecipherable jump cuts followed by a table-clearing deep-impact drum beat. Cut to a shot of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Matt Visionquest
"It's real simple," Walker tells the camera, sounding not a little simple himself: "We're broke."

Edgy strings add an air of impending menace as a parade of Fox News personalities opine in cataclysmic tones on the looming disaster that is organized labor.

Horns surge, the timpani booms like a howitzer, images fly by at an unsustainably hectic pace and then ... relief.

The music subsides, and we are treated to the reassuring dullness of Tim Pawlenty himself.

"It's really important that Americans stand with Walker, stand with Wisconsin..." T-Paw says, trailing off awkwardly.


Here's the video. Turn your subwoofers up!

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At least this trailer is more exciting than the one for the upcoming Atlas Shrugged (Part One) movie.

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