Peter Robert Stibal, accused Boy Scout molester, now faces child porn charges

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Stibal faces new charges.
Peter Robert Stibal is accused of being every parent's worst nightmare, a Boy Scout troop leader who sexually assaulted the boys they trusted to his care.

Originally arrested in October 2009 and chargd with six counts of criminal sexual conduct involving four minors, the 45-year-old Burnsville man now faces new charges: Six counts of possessing child pornography.

In the original complaint, one of Stibal's victims swore that after a sexual encounter at Stibal's home, he watched a video on Stibal's computer showing children having oral sex.

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Based on that statement, police seized and searched Stibal's computer and eventually fished up more than 100 child photos and 60 videos of children having sex.

Stibal became involved with Troop 650 in 2000 and became scoutmaster of the 25-boy troop in 2003, holding the post until his arrest. He's volunteered in the past with a Catholic youth group, and once worked as a substitute bus driver for special-needs kids.

He allegedly molested the minors at his cabin, his Burnsville home, a movie theater in Eagan, and a drive-in movie theater in Cottage Grove.

Stibal is free on bail. He stands trial later this month on the original charges.


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