Scott Walker nears triumph: Wisconsin Assembly passes union-busting bill [UPDATES]

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Walker's close to getting his wish.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is one step closer to getting his union-busting bill, now that the GOP-controlled state Assembly snuck in an early-morning vote on the measure while Democrats were caught flat-footed.

Now if only he could get those pesky state Senate Democrats to bow and kiss his ring, he'll have succeeded in stripping most of his public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights.

Passage in the Assembly was all but a done deal. Democrats there had staged a filibuster, and tried to add amendment after amendment to slow the process down, but Republicans had set a 60-hour time limit on that gambit.

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Teachers are among those threatened by Walker's bill.
At 1 a.m., with only 13 of 37 Democrats on hand, they called a vote and then headed for the elevators as protesters screamed and hollered.

Now the focus moves to the Senate, whose minority of 14 Democrats are still on the lam in Illinois with no intention of returning until Walker agrees to compromise on the bill. Until they come back, there's no quorum--and no vote.

Walker says he won't budge, and has threatened to start giving thousands of public employees pink slips if he doesn't get his way.

Meanwhile, the Assembly vote probably helps his severely bruised ego after being punk'd earlier in the week on the phone by a blogger posing as a billionaire GOP financier.

Update #1: Here's video from Madison after the vote:

Update #2: Thumbing their collective noses at Walker, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse faculty have voted to join a union.


Have you seen these senators?

Tim Carpenter.jpg
Tim Carpenter, 3rd Senate District.
Spencer Coggs.jpg
Spencer Coggs, 6th Senate District
Timothy Cullen.jpg
Timothy Cullen, 15th Senate District
Jon Erpenbach.jpg
Jon Erpenbach, 27th Senate District
Dave Hansen.jpg
Dave Hansen, 30th Senate District
Jim Holperin.jpg
Jim Holperin, 12th Senate District
Robert Jauch.jpg
Robert Jauch, 25th Senate District

Chris Larson.jpg
Chris Larson, 7th Senate District
Julie Lassa.jpg
Julie Lassa, 24th Senate District
Mark Miller.jpg
Mark Miller, 16th Senate District
Fred Risser.jpg
Fred Risser, 26th Senate District
Lena Taylor.jpg
Lena Taylor, 4th Senate District
Kathleen Vinehout.jpg
Kathleen Vinehout, 31st Senate District
Robert Wirch.jpg
Robert Wirch, 22nd Senate District

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I also found the liberal mind warping spin, and I will show you how their brainwashing you. Your all smart people, so this should be easy.From article above-"he'll have succeeded in stripping most of his public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights."

Here is the lie here people. This bill will REMOVE the public service unions ability to "collectively bargain" ONLY for their benefits. (healthcare/retirement pensions)It WILL NOT remove the unions abilities to "collectively bargain" for their wages.Got it?It WILL NOT remove the unions abilities to "collectively bargain" for their wages.Did you all experts on this subject know this? Again from above-"he'll have succeeded in stripping most of his public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights."See the spin and word play? Watch the local news, and see how it is being portrayed there. Misleading word play being used?

Listen, I was a HUGE democrat supporter as little as 7-8 years ago. This sort of thing opened my eyes. These politicians and the people in the media are not your family, so you don't have to show them unconditional love when they try to con you. Sock them in the eye, figuratively of course. Lets leave the incivility to the union protesters. They can get away with it, unlike the TEA Party when they chanted passionate things and held up passionate signs. Ya that's right, they called the TEA Party signs and slogans hateful, mean spirited, racist, etc. They must think your dumb.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Oh, Oh, Oh teacher, pick me, pick me!I can define "oligarchy"An oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people; like a union.

Oh, Oh, Oh teacher I can even give an example of a oligarchy.It's like Obama overthrowing the laws of Congress, and the rulings of the Supreme Court with the overturning of The Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by using executive order.

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