Blast those winter blahs: Skijor with the dogs! [VIDEO OF THE DAY]

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Learning to Skijor.

It's the middle of February, the sky is gray, and if you're feeling less than chipper you're definitely not alone. Here's a great way for you to beat winter: Take your dog for a ski!

Or rather, let your dog take you for a skijor.

Perhaps you've seen them on the lakes or the local cross-country trails--dogs trotting down the path with their owners on a leash behind them. Minnesota is home to some of the best skijorers in the world--people who will be competing at the international world finals in Norway this March.

But you don't have to be an athlete to try skijoring. The Midwest Skijorers Club offers free skijoring lessons pretty much every week. We dropped in on one at Burl Oaks Golf Course in Minnetrista this Sunday.

Check out this video--it's cute.

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