Stacey Champion's Priority Mail puppy: Photo Of The Day

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priority mail puppy.jpg
Minneapolis Animal Control
What a cute Schnoodle!
The crazy story about how Stacey Champion was cited for animal cruelty, after she tied to ship a four-month-old puppy in a sealed Priority Mail box to Georgia, has CP readers outraged.

"People should worry that someone with this level of mental deficiency," one commenter said. "I would like to find this woman and put a plastic bag over her head and put her in a box to see how she likes it," added another.

But as the story caught on, there was something missing. A name and a photo of the rescued pup. So here's "Guess," courtesy of Minneapolis Animal Control.

priority mail puppy.jpg
Stacey Champion's Priority Mail puppy.
Champion tried to ship the puppy last week, but after she paid the $22 cost and left the Post Office, postal workers noticed the box was moving, and there were noises coming from inside. They opened the package to find Guess.

Champion has 10 days to contest the misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. If she doesn't, Guess goes up for adoption.

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