Synthetic marijuana ban passes Minnesota House

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The crackdown passes the House.
The Minnesota House has voted nearly unanimously to crack down on the sale and possession of synthetic marijuana. And a last-minute amendment will also make driving while under its influence a prosecutable offense.

K2, Spice, Demon, Triple X, Mr. Nice Guy--whatever you want to call the chemically treated concoction--has come under increasing fire from state and local lawmakers for months.

Contrary to the views of users and head shop owners, law-and-order types view it as a significant public health threat. Either way, it's grown in popularity, as we told you in a cover story last year.

Soon to be illegal.
"Synthetic marijuana is a dangerous misnomer," St. Peter DFLer Terry Morrow said yesterday. "We're talking about a dangerous chemical that's being smoked by high school and college kids and others."

HF 57 passed by 124-4 vote. But it's not clear how soon the Senate will take up the measure, because no one has yet sponsored the legislation there. (Read the bill here.)

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