Thomas Eugene Gorz accused of stealing 1,000 pounds of copper (NOT 1,000 tons)

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How much copper, did you say?
We've all misplaced a decimal point or two from time to time, right?

So our sympathies go out to whomever it was at the St. Paul Police Department today who had to send out this epic correction about Thomas Eugene Gorz, of St. Paul.

He was arrested today in connection with two recent burglaries and copper thefts at a vacant factory at 310 E. 5th Street:

**CORRECTED: Suspect was in possession of 1,000 pounds of copper, NOT tons**

Still, 1,000 pounds of copper is nothing to sneeze at. Police say they traced Gorz and the valuable metal to 801 Barge Channel Road in Saint Paul, and arrested him without incident.

He was the only suspect they were looking for after two burglaries earlier this month at a factory being rehabbed into a Central Corridor light-rail facility.

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