Wisconsin 14 won't get paychecks until they come home [UPDATE]

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Mark Riechers
The Democrats are still on the lam.
Wisconsin Republican state senators can't get their 14 Democratic counterparts to show up and vote on a union busting bill, so they're pushing through a new rule that ends direct deposit paychecks for members.

If the senators on the lam want to get paid, they're going to have to show up and collect their checks from the Senate president -- a Republican -- in person on the Senate floor.

At least that would spare everyone the spectacle of state troopers arresting the senators, as GOP Gov. Scott Walker instructed the troopers last week. The 14 are reportedly hiding out in Illinois.

Update: Walker's strategy was revealed after a he was punk'd by a phone prank


Have you seen these senators?

Tim Carpenter.jpg
Tim Carpenter, 3rd Senate District.
Spencer Coggs.jpg
Spencer Coggs, 6th Senate District
Timothy Cullen.jpg
Timothy Cullen, 15th Senate District
Jon Erpenbach.jpg
Jon Erpenbach, 27th Senate District
Dave Hansen.jpg
Dave Hansen, 30th Senate District
Jim Holperin.jpg
Jim Holperin, 12th Senate District
Robert Jauch.jpg
Robert Jauch, 25th Senate District

Chris Larson.jpg
Chris Larson, 7th Senate District
Julie Lassa.jpg
Julie Lassa, 24th Senate District
Mark Miller.jpg
Mark Miller, 16th Senate District
Fred Risser.jpg
Fred Risser, 26th Senate District
Lena Taylor.jpg
Lena Taylor, 4th Senate District
Kathleen Vinehout.jpg
Kathleen Vinehout, 31st Senate District
Robert Wirch.jpg
Robert Wirch, 22nd Senate District

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