Abraham Mpaka nabbed for stabbing his wife in the heart

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Abraham Mpaka
No one had seen Abraham Mpaka for two years. He vanished the day after Christmas in 2008, right after his girlfriend Coty Paul, the mother of his two kids, was stabbed in the heart while watching TV in a Florida neighbor's apartment.

It turns out he's been hiding in plain sight--in Hastings.

The 46-year-old Nigerian immigrant was living with another woman, going by the name of Larry Holmes.

That's not the only identity he's believed to have faked recently. In the past, Mpaka has claimed to be a doctor, an FBI agent, and a student at the Universite de Paris.

mpaka library.jpg
Security video caught accused murderer Abraham Mpaka calmly spending Sunday afternoon at the Hastings library.
But a tipster surfing the America's Most Wanted website saw Mpaka's photograph, realized she was looking at her friend's boyfriend, and called the AMW hotline. North Miami Beach police were alerted, and they contacted the FBI in Minneapolis.

After tracing Mpaka through six other women in Minnesota since Paul's murder, they zeroed in on their suspect yesterday as he was enjoying an afternoon at the Hastings library, where the local cops had spotted his van.

While their target worked at a computer station, the FBI moved in. Mpaka was arrested without incident and is being held at the Dakota County jail and will soon be extradited to Florida.

Via AMW, here's security camera video of Mpaka enjoying Sunday at the library, right before the take-down.

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