Bill Maher: Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin can play "bimbos" on "Gilligan's Island"

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Bill Maher busts on Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin
NOW took a shot at Bill Maher last week for dismissing Sarah Palin as a "dumb tw*t."

And you expect him to care?

Instead of backing down, Maher doubled down. On Friday night's "Real Time," he called Palin and Michele Bachmann a couple of "bimbos" suitable for "Gilligan's Island."

"Michele Bachmann this week threw her hat into the ring, kind of. We think she's going to be running for president for those who find Sarah Palin too intellectual," Maher said, clapping his hands together. "If Bachmann and Palin get in, that's two bimbos. And then there's Mitt Romney, a millionaire. And New Gingrich: A professor. We just need a 'Skipper' and a 'Buddy,' and we've got 'Gilligan's Island.'"


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