David Joshua Annette and Rachel Charlotte Defoe arrested in double homicide

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david annette rachel defoe 2shot.jpg
David Joshua Annette and Rachel Charlotte Defoe
Back one Saturday night in January, Carlton County deputies found a pickup truck burning in the road near Saginaw.

The next day, 35 miles away, they found its owner: Tom Holm, along with his girlfriend, Kim Schmitz, had been shot to death in their Cromwell home.

Now, police have arrested the prime suspects in the case - in Hennepin County.

David Joshua Annette, 28, and Rachel Charlotte Defoe, 25, were taken into custody at about 2 a.m. by members of the U.S. Marshals Service, the Minneapolis Fugitive Task Force and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

The grisly double homicide rattled Cromwell, population 203. The two 53-year olds had lived in the area all their lives, most recently in an out-of-the-way house next to the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation. And Sheriff Kelly Lake said the suspects and the victims knew each other for a number of years.

Annette and Defoe are in the Carlton County jail, awaiting charges. Arraignment is expected tomorrow.

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N8tve Pride
N8tve Pride

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Typical engines!! We need border security and a fence around the res to protect the rest of society...........


Funny thing is ........I dared to say what most non natives think and many natives as well! and by the way I am a well educated woman who lives in Minneapolis not the backwoods like you!I love how you have to point fingers and blame other people for what these two cold blooded things did. How ASSinin is that! Really? you blame meth manufacturers for what those things did! then why isn't there an epidemic of meth heads murdering people then? if your drawing a direct line conclusion between the two then there would be a direct correlation overall between meth heads and murder, meaning it would be a direct cause and affect relationship and guess what? there isn't you FUCKING RETARD!

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